About us

is a small Boutique-Galleria-Cafe. We are located in Ullanlinna, one of most beautiful parts of Helsinki center.

I, Bresley, am the happy owner of Mimosa Vida with the unconditional support of my husband and children. We have got ready the space from painting, flooring, decorations and illustrations. My sister and I design and make  the Jewellery, colors, looks and feel. We continuously work together to develop this small family business forward.

Mimosa Vida has its own brand of Jewellery which is made with natural stones, pearls, crystal mounted in silver, gold plated silver and stainless steel.

We also collaborate closely with other entrepreneurs, we want to be a platform that promotes local entrepreneurs, events and culture.

Mimosa has a special meaning for me, my grandmother used to call me mimosita when I was little and I subsequently have called my children mimosito and mimosita too during their early years, sometimes still do.

Mimosa for us means, "mi hermosa" my beautiful in Spanish, of course it is also a flower and a drink to mention some.

"Mimosa Vida" "Mi hermosa Vida" "My beautiful life" 



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